A Day of Tantra Sensibility

A Day of Tantra Sensibility

With Antar Gasha and Moksha

Price: $63,00 (USD)

“Meditation is just to be, not doing anything – no action, no thought, no emotion. You just are. And it is a sheer delight” – Osho.

Through the techniques of active meditation we will explore the witnessing, which is the spirit of meditation, and prepare the ground for meditation to flourish in you, and still more, allow you to exhale your fragrance which is a state of pure love.


Friday, Jul 12, 2019.
08:30AM – 07:00PM


Ubud Yoga Centre
Jl. Raya Singakerta no. 108
Banjar Dangin Labak, Jembatan Nyuh Kuning,
Ubud 80571, Indonésia


* $ 63,00 (USD).
* Includes coffe-break.
* Cash payment on the day of the event.
* You need make your pre-registration on this page.



Antar Gasha






Absolutely not.  Many associate Tantra solely with sex and yes, sexuality does come into it in the form of ‘sexual energy’. ‘Sexual energy’ equates to ‘Life-force energy’- something we all have within us and yet something many feel out of touch with within their system. 

Sadly, there is also a lot of shame, gulit and trauma associated with sexuality and Tantra can enable you to look at ways to move through this. 

The Tantra  I know and teach, is not all about sex or ‘Tantric Sex’ but rather opening to life and all that brings. 

Sexual energy is a powerful medium to help us to reach parts of our beings we might otherwise not by harnessing this incredible force within us.

Antar Gasha is a Tantric Therapist, Renaissance, Coach, partner of the Centro Metamorfose since 2010. Uses the Deva Nishok Method of Tantric Therapy to provide the re-signification of the orgastic potential, physical, mental, emotional and bioelectric development through the techniques of Sensitive Massage, Total Ecstasy Massage, Yoni Massage and Active Meditations that accelerate the process of self-knowledge, dissolving blockages and emotional traumas.

Since 2000, has been dedicated to the process of self-knowledge and human development in the Centro Metamorfose and in several other Osho Therapies, Coaching and Leadership Centers in Brazil, India, Chile, Mexico and the United States.

She carries out individual consultations for men, women and for couple, with the tantric therapeutics, rebirth and Osho Pulsation. She is a facilitator of the Caminho do Amor and Coordinator of individual and group Massage Courses. Coordinates the Equilibrium Space in Vitória/ES (Brazil).

Tireless in their search for self-knowledge and in developing skills that support the mission of inspiring, training, and empowering people to develop their full creative potential and to lead a holistic, prosperous, happy, autonomous, and fulfilling life for themselves and those around them. She sought and continues to seek out the best formations for his own awakening and to support his work with people.

Moksha is a Tantric Therapist certified in all massage modalities of the Deva Nishok method: Sensitive Massage; Total Ecstasy; Yoni Massgem; Lingam Massage; G-Spot and P-Spot, for men and women – providing altered states of awareness and awareness. She teaches individual and group Tantric massage courses. It leads Tantric encounters and experiences.

Formed by the “Centro Metamorfose” in Renaissance and Integrated Respiratory Therapies, she attends to individual sessions, applying breathing techniques that improve daily life, increase the flow of vital energy, expand awareness and provide more quality of life, wellbeing and fullness.

She graduated in Social Communication (Uni-BH) and has always been a searcher for techniques and practices that guarantees personal development and self-knowledge. She expands her knowledge as a participant of the Pulsation method with Aneesha Dilon (Jun / 2015).